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Houston Texas is a diverse city rich in culture, industry, and arts. Additionally, Houston is also known for having great musical talent. If you’ve been thinking of taking guitar lessons in Houston, or are looking for a great music school, then IMI is for you.

Innovative Music Institute (IMI) is the primary source for guitar lessons in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas. We provide one-on-one guitar lessons. IMI accepts all guitar students. We can teach those just beginning their first guitar lesson or the more seasoned players. In addition to teaching all proficiency levels, we teach all styles too. Our students range from six years old to adults, you’re never too young or too old to learn music or to learn to play the guitar.

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IMI is the premier school for learning guitar in Houston

IMI is the go to place for learning guitar in the Houston area. We offer a comfortable, fun learning experience for students of all ages and levels. Our students consistently exceed even their own expectations because of our unique hands on approach. We are passionate and involved, we never just go through the motions, we make each lesson a fun and unique learning experience. To learn more about what IMI offers, please visit our Lessons page.

Musician Founded

Garrett Smith is the founder and director of IMI. With over 25 years of music instruction under his belt, he knows what goes into a valuable music lesson. Garrett has taught hundreds of students of all ages spanning from the east coast to Texas. He has now settled in Houston and determined to take music in Houston to the next level by inspiring and teaching the next generation of great Houston musicians. To find out more about Garrett please visit his bio.

We have some of the best players in Houston

To learn how to be a great guitar player, you must learn from a great guitar player. IMI has some of the most qualified and dedicated players in the Houston area.  Our instructors aren’t just sitting around in a lesson room talking about it, they are out in the music industry living it. They know what it takes and they teach drawing from years of experience in music. Many of our instructors also have degrees from renowned Music institutions like Berklee College of Music and Boston University.

More than just a guitar lesson

At IMI we don’t just teach you how to play a few chords or a couple of songs. We teach students the fundamentals of a solid music education and we do it in a fun way. Our goal is to inspire students to find their own musical path and to have the tools to navigate it. In addition to learning how to play the guitar, we also instruct students on how to maintain it. Students will learn about guitar setup, different effect pedals, about playing in a live situation, and the gear involved.

Guitar Lessons for Younger Students

For our younger students, IMI offers a fun approach to music. Our younger students will not just learn about the guitar and how to play it, but they’ll learn elements of rhythm and basic piano as well.  This helps younger students learn the fundamentals of music much easier and faster than a normal guitar lesson format.


IMI “knows” people are busy and life “can be” hectic so we try to make learning the guitar as hassle free as possible. We are conveniently located in the Westchase district (in the W. Houston area), we offer a very flexible schedule, and we do our best to work with you with your scheduling needs.

About Playing The Guitar


Picking the right guitar is an important part of playing. It’s important to feel comfortable on your instrument and to be able to hold it properly. Young students should start on a smaller size guitar. Half size or three-quarter size guitars are available at local retailers. Older students and adults should start on a regular sized guitar. There are many different styles and model of guitars, basic beginning guitars range between $100-$200 dollars. We recommend students start on electric guitars since acoustic guitars have thicker strings which makes them harder to play. A beginning student will feel much more comfortable on an electric guitar. Electric guitars will need an amplifier and cables, at additional cost.


The most important part of a guitar lesson is having fun! We’ll start you out on songs right away and then work music theory in. We tailor our lessons to each individual student, because it’s our goal to teach you the songs you want to learn. Generally, our students start out playing simple songs and learning the strings before getting into more advanced songs. Our students will also learn how to read music and chord charts so they can start learning more of their favorite songs.

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