Innovative Music Institute:  Our Mission

Innovative Music Institute (IMI):  A Philosophy of Music Education

There are great challenges when it comes to being an effective music educator. Three in-particular stand out to us.

  • The continuous changes within student demographics
  • the capacity to motivate students
  • and maintaining high standards of learning during instruction

With regards to demographics, our teachers provide brief musical surveys as a means of ascertaining our student’s music-background. These surveys also help us understand music-interests and music-aspirations.  This information is essential for determining which guiding principles we use with each student. It also helps us develop curriculum relevant to both our individual student and their community.

The IMI team strives to motivate students and maintain a high standard of learning during each instruction. We manage a classroom that nurtures musical efficacy, equity, and multiculturalism.  Our lessons provide a physical, emotional, and cognitive environment. They are organized so that the curriculum is complementary to our student’s learning capabilities.

Student learning and development are improved by the intentional curriculum at IMI. It enables our students to learn and compose music (individually and/or collectively) that represents their music-background, music-interests, and music-aspirations.  By taking the role of a facilitator, our teachers can stimulate, direct, and support learning and development, while simultaneously assessing their students’ mastery of the current lesson.  We believe that our teachers and students learn together. They do this by utilizing democratic principles through reflective discussions.

In short, IMI is dedicated to staying active within the music and music research communities. We recognize that teacher training never ceases, and there is always a need to refine and redefine a given curriculum.

Most importantly, we love what we do. The gift of music is a wonderful thing. IMI takes pride in providing an environment which allows the gift of music to flourish in students.

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