About Innovative Music Institute (IMI)

Guitar Lessons in Houston

Houston Texas is a diverse city rich in culture, industry, and arts; additionally, Houston known for great musical talent. If you’ve been thinking of taking guitar lessons in Houston, or are looking for a great music school, then we can help.

Innovative Music Institute (IMI) is the primary source for guitar lessons in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas. We provide one-on-one guitar lessons. IMI accepts all guitar students. We can teach those just beginning their first guitar lesson or the more seasoned players. In addition, we teach all proficiency levels and styles. Our students range from six years old to adults, you’re never too young or too old to learn music or to learn the guitar.

IMI’s provides our music students with the inspiration, knowledge, and skills that are necessary for life-long participation in music and/or musical activities. We tailor guitar lessons for each of our student’s taste. We consider musical-background, musical-needs, and musical-abilities. We know that when we inspire our students they’re more inclined to play and practice. In addition, our teachers are easy going, have great personalities, and most importantly, are enthusiastic about sharing the gift of music. You’ll love taking guitar lessons with us. We’re passionate about being a part of your musical journey as you learn the guitar.

Our Teaching Style

Our teachers practice positive reinforcement. Furthermore, we encourage our students to take an active role in each lesson. We actively engage our students and have them choose music that they enjoy playing. We don’t believe in standardized assessments of our student’s creativity and proficiency levels. We find that our student’s enjoy practicing their instrument when the learning is directly related to how much fun they’re having with it. Rather than plowing through a formatted lesson plan we are upbeat and keep things light. We allow kids to be themselves.

IMI teachers maintain an ongoing dialogue with parents. We consider it important to keep our parents informed. We also encourage parents to occasionally approach us at the start of each lesson for a casual progress report. Additionally, our administrative team will contact you during the school year to check in. We welcome your phone calls and emails any time and are always happy to hear comments or suggestions.

Ready For Your Free Guitar Lesson?

If you’ve been thinking about taking guitar lessons, here’s your chance! For more information on IMI, feel free to look around www.innovativemusicinstitute.com. You’ll be able to find some helpful information. You can always contact us if you have any questions, or if you’re ready for guitar lessons in Houston. We’re excited about you starting your musical journey with us, come get your free guitar lesson here!

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