Our Lesson Policies

IMI may photograph and/or record student lessons and performances

Photographs and video recordings of student lessons and performances are used for IMI’s website and social media outlets. Clients are not compensated for any images or recordings; however, we provide copies to students and their parents free of charge.


For your convenience, there is no registration fee or long-term contracts. Tuition is automatically billed on the first of every month (IMI accepts all major credit cards). The tuition is only prorated the first month if you start lessons mid-month.  


The IMI office requires prompt communication from our clients in order for our day-to-day operations to run smoothly. IMI clients will need to contact the office (via phone or email) if they have any questions regarding tuition fees, payment options, cancellations, scheduling issues, or make-up lessons (do not discuss such matters with your instructor).

Late and/or Declined Payment Fee

A fee of $30 will be added to the existing monthly charge if a payment is not received by the first of the month or if it’s not cleared within 3 days.

Make-up lessons 

IMI students are responsible for scheduling and attending their make-up lesson. IMI allows only 1 make-up lesson per month. There will be no make-up lessons for 2 or more absences (missed make-up lessons will be forfeited). All make-up lessons are held at the IMI location.

If an IMI teacher cancels a lesson and a substitute is not available, the student will be notified (via phone and email) to schedule a make-up lesson.

Procedure for Cancelling a Lesson

Simply notify the office (via phone or email) the day of, or any day prior to your scheduled lesson.

To discontinue lessons, contact our office (via phone or email) before the 15th of your last month.

**IMI teachers reserve the right to cancel a lesson if they feel that a student’s illness may be contagious. The IMI team cares for the well being of everyone. It is highly recommended that if a student is feeling ill, he or she should cancel his or her lesson.

In the event of inclement weather

IMI makes decisions with regards to closures independently of local school districts. Make-up lessons will be scheduled in the event of inclement weather (missed make-up lessons will be forfeited). Contact our office (via phone or email) or check IMI’s various social media outlets with regards to cancellations.


Innovative Music Institute may dismiss any student due to continual absences, disciplinary issues, and non-compliance with IMI policies


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